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My own search engine.

My own search engine

Oh sure you have a webpage and it would be smart to let people search it!

But what a pain to write a search engine.

You could buy a commercial product and spend thousands.

Or just put a commercial engine search on your page. They love that!

But that would drive traffic to your competitors.

Now your the boss!

Only EasySearch gives you the key's to your very own high performance search engine system.

With Easy Search you finally have all the powers of the big boy's without the cost and complexity.

Your EasySearch system comes with your very own private control panel.

Now you can add,edit or delete search keywords and terms from any major Internet browser.

It's fast , it's fun, it's affordable.

You can even include pictures , sounds, downloads and more with your search results.

EasySearchMy own search engine.

Legacy Data

Do you have a large source of data you would like to get on the web?

Is this data on an in-house system?

We offer complete transfer services and can create a professional solution to your needs big or small.

We have operational units containing over 1 million keywords.

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Get things you need. A complete search engine system that you control via your browser.

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