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Fri, September 08,2000 04:06:44 CST , 09-08-2000 , 30

Give it up! I want it FREE.

Can you offer any help to other site visitors, on how to use the free stuff?
Or can you help with something else?
Let us know!

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Administrator Say`sAdministratorJavaScript Popup menus

If your using an Internet Explorer browser, you have to add Links=0 or Links=No to get rid of the links menu from appearing in your pop up window.
Administrator Say`sAdministratorJAVASCRIPT

When using the Javascript pop menu maker, do not allow line breaks in your text. You have to use the special encoding \n .
To create a line break.

webmaster Say`swebmasterI used your Disclimer Builder (thank you!) but I want to make some changes in it. What do I do about your copyright notice, now that it is no longer exactly what you supplied?


Linda Say`sLindaA Great Resource. Will you be adding a generic Terms of Use?
Cleo Say`sCleoThanks a lot for helping with your free disclaimer builder and privacy policy!! Is it allowed to ad something to the text, how does it affect your copyright?
noIgPYvqTAh Say`snoIgPYvqTAhfv99D3 lfpcaaealekq, [url=]nlvgpzhqjdcl[/url], [link=]zjyoqhigntbe[/link],
James William Crawford. Say`sJames William Crawford.i live in a group home and my staff's never paid me 5c and thats why i need some free billion in a cheque for this monday morning in my mail box? for me to buy my self a new home and a new sports car pretty please?
And my Name and Address to sending
Webmaster Say`sWebmasterI used your Disclaimer Builder and Privacy Policy Builder, but wanted to change a few things. Do I have permission to freely change the disclaimer and privacy policy that were built by your free utility?
Aaron Abayomi Osire Say`sAaron Abayomi OsireThis is wonderful; i appreciate!
Afjal Hoque Say`sAfjal HoqueIf i want to say, what happened do this now here? Where found my answer? Just a brain-mind system not be understand.
m!! Say`sm!!Mml!!











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