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Fri, September 08,2000 03:56:13 CST , 09-08-2000 , 30

Give it up! I want it FREE.

Please give us
your feedback on the new Free utilities section. We are adding
new programs all the time.

Feel free to post your comments using the tools below.


Thank You!



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Ryan Brodkin Say`sRyan BrodkinHow about making a generator for software liscence agreements?
Eugenia Karbajal Say`sEugenia KarbajalOn the go all the time. Web base electronic ordering,
management and tracking for wireless. My Priority is Digital.
Eu. K.

Zaphod Say`sZaphodWhy do the free disclaimers include a 1-pixel image ?

Jun Han Say`sJun HanI think Affiliate Agreements and Term of Use Generator will be great!
Deboragh Porter Say`sDeboragh PorterI have used your services and would like to know if I can include a link to your services on our website -- Please advise.ANWSER:YES!
achmad Say`sachmadYou the best website...i'am ready to join with you...
you have a GREAT...
Ken P. Say`sKen P.You have a "GREAT" site. I and my website will enjoy your programs. I'll be back. Ken P.
Shad Say`sShadVery cool you guys give away useable stuff for free. YOU GUY ROCK!!!
Tony Say`sTonyHow about making a generator for html to php generator. Also A Hackers Safe generator to keep them from ripping the site with things like webreaper. I love the site and all the generators. Java is just to hard for a guy like me. I tried to us swishmax for
Larry Kelly Say`sLarry KellyLove your idea-annoying How about a "secret admirer" or "atta boy" website- you know, nice stuff?
Gerard J. Bonal Say`sGerard J. Bonal"Great" !!!!

The Number One FREE disclaimers include a 1-pixel image by

("DA" Automatically and "Instantly" "Help-When-You-Need-It" & "Money Guy" Generater) !!!!
Frederick W I Ingram Say`sFrederick W I IngramI agree with all the comments thats asabilashed here.
daniel lovey joseph Say`sdaniel lovey josephURGENT Sir, I wold like to know that after how many days will i recive forms on my mail id and what is the actual procedure of filling forms.My username id:
Fab Site Say`sFab SiteFab Site...but source surfer link does not work!THINK I FIXED
Lee Say`sLeeOn page, choosing "rollover" goes to meta tag generation instead.
Mike Hunt Say`sMike HuntThis is a new server with a new administrator. Look for updates soon.
Sun, Jul-03-2016 07:16:15
Aamir Say`sAamirI just wanted to say thankyou for having very important and useful information like Privacy policy and disclaimer for Free.Thanks
Wes Say`sWesLove your free utilities. However, tried to apply Privacy Policy and TOS to our new website. Seems to be a problem with the code. Can you go to our site and check it out? If yes, the URL is: Privacy Policy and/or TOS. One is blank, th
ahmed mohmed hamam mohmed Say`sahmed mohmed hamam mohmedam happy to speek for you and am rement the year is happy and oll years to the world and usa and yhoo is gooding and am thank you veree mouch
Richard Mosely Say`sRichard MoselyWhat wonderful offerings...immense thanks! Having a free downloads section of software, e-books, educational vids, etc., my heartfelt thanks is extended for you providing this for free also.

Much appreciation!
larry Newman Say`slarry NewmanPerhaps a contact form with an encrypted email address????
Paul Darby Say`sPaul DarbyHello!

I wanted to say thank you and let you know how much I appreciate your site.

I will be putting a link to you in my newest, largest members area for my group at and highly recommend you to them... get
Dona Say`sDonaSorry if I overlooked it, but how about making a user feedback form or some kind of survey to get visitors comments, etc. ? Keep up the good work!
RosaMary Say`sRosaMaryI think your site rocks! How about giving a "How to" guide for internet dummies like me? I need help putting my disclaimer in link form on my webpages. Thanks guys!
Lucky Say`sLuckyYou got a stone winner with web page builder. but I thought I could have my web page or something. What's Up/
joao Say`sjoaonewton third law of motion that for every action there is equal opposite reaction(those who are rich goes rich when do wil i get rich in the year 2009(my comment)
Michael Molloy Say`sMichael MolloyThanks for the great resources. I use video tutorials to help people get started, do you have any objections if I include your site. Example, go here, this is how you fill out the boxes, this is how you put it on your site etc.
Gabriella Say`sGabriellaWhat a great relief to have all this work done for me! Saves tons of time and money! Thank You! An AntiSpam policy and a TOS policy would pretty much complete the necessities!
Vince Say`sVinceI love what this site has to offer. I've only used the disclaimer so far, but will be checking out the rest of the options available to me.

What a great tool to have.

Thanks folks
M.Ramakrishna Say`sM.RamakrishnaSir i would like to create my site can assist how can i cteate my own web site
joey good Say`sjoey goodthis artical is so fucking gay lol
radhika Say`sradhikawhen will i get the forms information for starting my work
Suhanto Kastaredja Say`sSuhanto KastaredjaI am very happy to get this facilities of yours. I hope you get the benefits from your great work and creativity.You are a hero of the human kind
Banu T Say`sBanu Thow to receive the online form from netjobs4all website pls give the details
Mike Hawk Say`sMike HawkLove the site
Indrayani Say`sIndrayaniI agree with that..but i need more..
jvmaster Say`sjvmasterYou Guys ROCK!
do you have any FTC disclaimer that adds on to and/or stand alone docs in the works
that have to do with Affiliate compensation and testimonial disclosures?
Orlando Say`sOrlandoI have been recommending your Disclaimer Feature and
I am having some trouble getting it to work Properly. Can You help with this ?
Julie Say`sJulieYour site is a blessing!!! You simplified my need for a privacy page for my site. I've bookmarked your site for future projects and for future donations I'd like to make to keep this incredible resource alive. Thank you again!
A.venkatesh, Say`sA.venkatesh,its good work to all home based house wife and retired persons
dallaire andre Say`sdallaire andreno
Ram narayan Say`sRam narayanhow 2 intiate it should be easier
Widi Say`sWidiYour website is the best, i like it.
Afjal Say`sAfjalI don't think about software, how it generate.
DomainMasters.NET Complete Web Hosting Solutions Say`sDomainMasters.NET Complete Web Hosting SolutionsThank you for the privacy policy utility.
DomainMasters.NET Web Hosting
Gabriella Say`sGabriellaIs this site still active? Haven't seen any updates here in years.

Admin says the creator passed away. Does this mean this site passed away too?
shahadat khan sherani Say`sshahadat khan sheraniI m using your servis Privacy Policy but i want changing in my blog post how can by pass remove privacy policy in wp_ blog please help me
Wed, Dec-06-2017 09:55:06
Wed, Jan-24-2018 15:11:31











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